All Nutrition is NOT Created Equal

Women Have Very Specific Needs that have Been Ignored

… Until NOW!!!!


You Deserve Nutrition Designed for YOU!

Because: HELLO .Women are NOT small men who just need different portion sizes!

Our metabolism and biochemical makeup, the way our brains work, even how our digestion functions, is different from men.

Not to mention our HORMONES….

Of course, we need nutrition designed for us. For how we live, and work and play and how our bodies support us in the process.

Every girl and every woman fro age 13 to 103 benefits from nutrition crafted specifically for the stage of life she’s in – right then.

It’s time for gender-specific nutrition inspired by citing edge research.  Doesn’t hurt if it tastes GREAT and is priced right, either.

In case you’re wondering why EAT LIKE A WOMAN…Well…



I Got Angry as Hell.  Then I Got Busy
Did you know?

Since 1977 — until fairly recently — women in their reproductive years were banned from ALL clinical FDA research.  When I heard this, I was FURIOUS. At that point…

…I was all traveling all over the country on book tours (for Eat Like a Woman and Never Diet Again) and the topic kept turning to inequality in health.

Women everywhere were asking “What about us, and our needs?”

It fired me up. And when I get angry, I take action.

I decided to create healthy, clean nutrition for women. Young women. Middle-aged women. Older women. Nutrition designed for each stage of your life.

This is more than a business to me, it’s a mission.

It’s our time, to control of our health.


Science is Our Secret Weapon & Your Secret Weapon

Eat Like a Woman® products are designed to support your specific life stage needs with foods that are organic, plant-based, and gluten-free. All based on cutting edge, gender-specific nutritional science.

U.S. nutritional guidelines have always been geared toward men. Yet, we process nutrients very differently than men do.  Get This….women:

  • Absorb nutrients and medications more slowly than men – you need nutrients designed for YOUR optimal well-being
  • Need correct food ratios designed for your metabolism and make-up
  • Burn fat at a different rate than men — you need food created for your metabolism
  • Have different hormonal requirements — you need nutrition to support you through every stage of your life
  • Don’t synthesize tryptophan as effectively as men do — in fact, we absorb 62% LESS! (this matters — it’s the precursor to serotonin — your feel good hormone)

Your solution?

Did you know?

In 1977 the FDA banned all females from all clinical research until recently?

As a result, women’s health science was compromised. In the late 1990s a team of women blew the whistle demanding equal care. By the early 2000s with the Women’s Health Initiative, women’s health was on the radar. What they discovered was women were not small men, and that gender differences were more than reproductive differences. From heart and bone health, to the brain gut connection and how women absorb nutrients are very different than men.


Made with Real Plant-based Food Ingredients








Meet our Scientific Advisory Board & Founder


Janice Werbinski, MD, FACOG

Clinical Associate Professor Emerita Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School of Medicine
Executive Director, Sex and Gender Women’s Health Collaborative
Founding President, American College of Women’s Health Physicians

Dr. Werbinski is passionate about getting the latest gender-based science in current medical text books.  


Wendy S. Klein, MD, MACP

Associate Professor Emeritus, VCU
School of Medicine
Senior Deputy Director Emeritus, VCU
Institute of Women’s Health
Co-founder, Women’s Health Center at Stony Point
Former Deputy Editor, Journal of Women’s Health

Dr. Klein has spent a lifetime fighting for women’s health rights!



Founding Director, Yale University
Prevention Research Center, Griffin Hospital
Founder, President; True Health Initiative
President, American College of
Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Katz is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight control, and the prevention of chronic disease.


Staness Jonekos, Founder & CEO Eat Like a Woman® is a women’s health advocate and serial entrepreneur. She is also a published author, and contributes to the Huffington Post, and Dr. Oz’s  Staness has appeared on the “Today Show,” “Access Hollywood,” and “Fox & Friends.”